The Tommy Gibbs Collection

Disc I – The Devil’s Son

01. Universal / New York Freestyle ft. Herb McGruff, I-Born & C.L. Smooth
02. Platinum Plus (Remix) ft. C-Town & The Originators
03. American Dream (Extended Version) ft. Herb McGruff, Killa Kam, Murda Mase & Bloodshed
04. Hell Up in Harlem ft. Herb McGruff, Murda Mase & Killa Kam
05. Dangerzone / Uptown Connection (Herb McGruff Version) ft. Herb McGruff & Murda Mase
06. Hell Up in Harlem (Ron G Extended Uptown Remix) ft. Herb McGruff, Murda Mase & Killa Kam
07. American Dream (Uptown Version) ft. Herb McGruff, Killa Kam, Murda Mase & Bloodshed
08. Uptown Connection (Demo Version) ft. Herb McGruff & Murda Mase
09. Get Yours ft. O.C.
10. Danger Sequel ft. O.C. & The Lost Boyz
11. Raw & Ready ft. Party Arty
12. Much Props Interlude
13. Rock N. Wills Hardpack Tape Hard to Handle ft. Lord Finesse
14. Rock N. Wills Hardpack Tape Blind Alley ft. Lord Finesse
15. I Can't Understand It (Original Demo Version)
16. Way of Life (Original Version) ft. Fat Joe & Lord Finesse

Disc II – Mister M.V.P. on the M.I.C.

01. Live A capella ft. A.G.
02. '95 Sandman 118 Freestyle
03. ’98 Stretch & Bobbito Tru Master Freestyle (Extended Version)
04. ’99 Live at the Tramps Freestyle ft. Lord Finesse
05. '94 Stretch & Bobbito 8 Iz Enuff Freestyle ft. Killa Kam, Murda Mase, Bloodshed, Herb McGruff, Buddah Bless, Terra & Big Twan
06. ’96 Stretch & Bobbito Motherless Child Children of the Corn Freestyle ft. Killa Kam, Murda Mase, Bloodshed & Shadow
07. Flamboyant Freestyle Part III C-Town Tutorial ft. Royal Flush
08. ’97 DJ Clue Freestyle ft. Herb McGruff
09. ’97 O.C. Concert Live at Subterranea in London Freestyle
10. DJ 279 Freestyle ft. O.C.
11. ’93 Freestyle
12. Countin' Cash Interlude
13. Unexpected Flava
14. '95 Stretch & Bobbito Seven Minute Back to Back Freestyle ft. Jay-Z
15. Hip 2 Da Game Comments
16. Principal of the New School

Disc III – Big L Corleone, Harlem’s Finest

01. Comments from Big L
02. ’98 August Halftime Radio Freestyle
03. ’93 Stretch & Bobbito Interview & Freestyle ft. Herb McGruff
04. Holdin’ It Down (Original Version) ft. Party Arty & A.G.
05. Fat Beats Interview & Freestyle at ’88 Hip Hop ft. D-Flow, Party Arty & A.G.
06. We All Can’t Ball ft. Liz Lucci & Richie Thumbs
07. Trust It’s On ft. Shyheim (Produced by Big L)
08. S.K.I.T.S. (Remix) ft. Lord Finesse
09. '95 Tim Westwood Interview & Who Shot Ya Freestyle
10. Harlem N.Y.C. (Beats 2 Blow Remix) ft. Bootsie & Herb McGruff
11. The Spot ft. Herb McGruff
12. Let Me Find Out
13. Exclusive 2003 Shit ft. DJ Ron G
14. Disconnected
15. Outro
16. 8 Iz Enuff (Demo Version) ft. Terra, Herb McGruff, Buddah Bless, Big Twan, Killa Kam, Trooper J & Mike Boogie

Disc IV – Outtakes

01. Kay Slay Harlem Freestyle ft. Black Rob, Puerto Rock & I-Born
02. Countin’ Cash Interlude (Alternative Beat)
03. Food for Thought ft. Lord Finesse
04. Alone (Original Version) ft. Stephen Simmonds & Marquee
05. Doo Wop (My Niggaz) Freestyle (Extended Version)
06. Devil’s Son
07. Timez Iz Hard (on the Boulevard)
08. School Dayz
09. I Shoulda Worn a Rubba (Clinic)
10. Live in Amsterdam Unedited ft. A.G. & Roc Raida
11. American Dream (J-Love Version)


RowanB said...

is a link for "diamond d - you cant front and what you heard" 12".. i know you've been looking for it. jus hope you aint copped it already took me ages to upload.


The Big Sleep said...

Thanks a bunch man. That's a huge help, I'd been looking everywhere I could think of for it. Peace.

Anonymous said...

These mixes are crucial.A Big L freestyle is almost a terrifying experience dude spit so much rawness! Nihilism, total disregard for the world, cruelty this was Big L RIP brotha the game miss u!Thanx 4 keepin it funky!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for all these tracks man, I can't believe how much stuff I've missed out on all this time.

The Big Sleep said...

Yeah crucial is a good word, this is truly a goldmine of material for those out there who have only heard the official released recordings.

I hope everyone that visits grabs everything they don't already have (or just everything altogether), thanks for the comments guys.

Come back by whenever, there's almost always more stuff on the way, slow but sure.

Anonymous said...

can u please re-up the sets on zshare

The Big Sleep said...


sanza said...

excellent stuff, I can't believe i didn't even know all this material existed. I'm glad i found this site, you're doing the game a great service.

The Big Sleep said...

Glad to hear you're enjoying it, thanks for takin' the time to write a comment.

And that's exactly why I do this. To help spread the music so people know this stuff does exist.

What you can do is spread the word and keep checkin' back, there's always more on the way. Peace brother.

Anonymous said...

Nice , thx 4 sharing

The Big Sleep said...

For sure, thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...


The Big Sleep said...

For sure brother. Someone had to do it and I just happen to have the means and the motivation. Thanks for helping to do your part keepin' his name alive.

inst said...

massive much appreciated shit one love

The Big Sleep said...

For sure, no problem man.

Anonymous said...

Much respect for this shit man. rest in peace L

The Big Sleep said...

Thanks for the kind words man. Peace.

Anonymous said...

yoooooo big sleep you the man just like big l yo. by far the illest freestyle and record rapper ever in my top 2 up there with nas big and pac and pun the greatest. one love for keeping his shit alive forever

The Big Sleep said...

You know it brother. Thanks for the shout outs. Peace.

Praverb said...

thank you very much for this Big Sleep...

Big L is one of my favorite emcees and I am shocked at this collection wow...

The Big Sleep said...

Word up, this is the Big L spot, for sure. Glad you're diggin' on the collection. Thanks for takin' the time out to leave a comment brother. Peace.

Fabian said...

i just found this site, but do I really have to complete a survey first b4 I can DL these tapes?

The Big Sleep said...

What? No. I'm assuming you are referring to the Sharebee links. Those are just ads. Click skip, click a download link of your choice (provided it is still active and working) and download.

BxSouljah said...

Man its a shame that no one could have taken all of the unreleased Big L material and made more posthumous albums like Archives and Harlem's Finest. I mean with all these songs you could make three or four albums.

The Big Sleep said...

I did make three or four albums of unreleased tracks, you just can't buy them anywhere. Harlem's Finest is basically just a bootleg and eventually (hopefully) all the extended versions of those freestyles (and interviews) will become available.

BxSouljah said...

I meant like offically make 3 or 4 commercial albums under Big L's name that people could go buy in stores but I feel you.

The Big Sleep said...

Right, I know what you meant (hence me stating that you can't buy them) but that's exactly why I put this together.

The music exists, it's out there, it largely won't be released, some of it only I had access to previously and now it's all put together and available for free. Hell, multiple people have asked to buy it.

Anonymous said...

Great post!! GOD BLESS

The Big Sleep said...

I try to bring the exclusives when I have 'em. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

can i download everything, like the whole collection, like in one download?

The Big Sleep said...

Not all at once, but one disc at a time. If you click the word disc (I through IV), it takes you to Sharebee and Sharebee gives you the option of a few possible download options.

Anonymous said...

can you instruct me on how to download from sharebee. it told me i had to take some survey and i couldnt figure it out. i wanna hear this stuff so bad i know every big l line that was commercially released or on an archive and i need to hear these. please help and mad props for posting this stuff. any word on the big l documentary?

The Big Sleep said...

Ignore those ads. Click the Sharebee link. Click next in the top right hand corner until you see words / blue links that say words like RapidShare, MegaUpload, zShare, Badongo, DepositFiles. Click one of those. If the link is up, download the file. If it isn't, choose another. If there are no links remaining, let me know and I'll reup any dead links.

There are definitely some exclusives you haven't heard yet in here, so yes, you need it to have a more complete L collection / discography.

Sure man, let me know if you still can't get the links to work.

Yes, I'm in contact with both L's brother Don and also Jewlz, the director of Street Struck. A follow up trailer should be online shortly, in the next few weeks at most. The DVD is planned for the end of May, to correspond with L's birthday.

Thanks for the questions and interest, glad you enjoy the site, keep checkin' back. I wanna make sure you get everything workin' for ya eventually so hit me up and lemme know if you have any problems. Peace brother.

omatix said...

i really appreciate your selfless work on this blog and the gems you've posted! thx.

The Big Sleep said...

Thanks for posting your thoughts, peace.

Anonymous said...

Respect from France, you're GOD. Big L's the best. I hope one day i'll travel to new york to see lennox av. ahah. Thx a lot for all.

The Big Sleep said...

Hahah, no problem, thanks man. Glad you're enjoying everything, Big L is definitely the best.

DANJA said...

this a dope remix of mvp, find this on youtube

one of the best remix i heard about L's classic

you make a great work on this blog


The Big Sleep said...

Thanks man, peace.

dj flo said...

AYO. I want to sincerely give you my greatest THANK YOU for this blog! Man, this is a huge post into the internet archives for hip-hops most underrated MC/Artist of all time. THANK U, I have been an L fan forever, I live up in Harlem, and I never even knew these recordings existed.


L's in the sky


The Big Sleep said...

That's good to hear man, thanks for props, glad you discovered these demos, unreleased songs, exclusives and freestyles. I was definitely diggin' in the archives for this one. Peace from one Harlem L fan to another.


Hey first of all thanks thanks thanks.this blog is just pure awesomness!BIG L was and is still one of the very best.

BUT is it right that the songs on the LODP&D promo TAPE are the same as on the promo LP?because those links have exactly the same size and tracklist.?Just wondering...

cheers from Germany H.

The Big Sleep said...

Sure man, glad you dig it.

Yes, Big L's album was nearly complete in '94, Street Struck and MVP were done in '95 but other than that he was ready to drop Lifestylez as we know it today a year earlier than it actually got released and that was due to issues with his label at the time, Columbia.

Anonymous said...

This is aaa on BigLOnline (the guy who asks a lot of question... don't know if you know me on it). I just wanted to thank you for putting this together.

The Big Sleep said...

Of course I recognize your name. Thank you man, I always appreciate it when forum members take the time out to write something on here.

Anonymous said...

After reading the comments above, I d/l all 4 discs expecting to hear a lot of new L verses. This wasn't the case but I definitely enjoyed all 4 discs nonetheless. I liked hearing the extended versions of L's freestyles with stretch and bobbito. Thanks a lot for this. Hopefully in the near future we can get our hands on some L shit that none of us have heard before...

The Big Sleep said...

There are a few exclusives in here but yes, the majority of it are demos, alternate versions, freestyles and unreleased tracks.

And if you want to know more about what hasn't been heard, check out, peace.

Anonymous said...

Big Sleep thnx man, ya do right thing. I'm big addict of L shit and all dat. Big L' s da best MC I've ever heard. Dopest rhymes, insane flow, classic beats, he was the illiest rapper, I think, and he still is.
As one anonymous said that his dream was to come to NYC to visit 139 and Lenox, I appreciate that idea and I'll do that too, bro.
Keep workin, man.
Respect from Moscow, Russia.

The Big Sleep said...

No doubt brother, thanks for stoppin' by, peace.

Anonymous said...

Big Ups to whoever posted this page, if it wasn't for u id probably have never gotten to hear these classic tracks, RESPECT

The Big Sleep said...

For sure man, thanks for checkin' it and leavin' a comment. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff man. It feels Big L is still alive. Peace

The Big Sleep said...

Glad to hear it. Peace.

Pajama Rich said...

Good lookin out on this collection man.

#1 Big L Fan said...

big l 139 babayyy!!!

Bobby Edris said...

yo great shhit man only download link that works any more is deposit files tho js hate for someone to come back in a few years and no links work

Anonymous said...

Ayo Big L died n came back in another body ha ha word em up forever
S/o sleep for holdin it down for L fans worldwide

Jelani Matherson said...

I Would love these links to work. I'm dying to hear these tracks!




Anonymous said...

Good lookin out on the upload, but the links no longer work.
Can anyone re-upload them so we can keep this legend living?

The_Swann said...

Ya star thanks. Couldn't get the links to work at all (or the ones on the Big L Online page) but thanks for it anyways. Hopefully there'll be new links, or a Pirate Bay upload (that would be tight).


The Big Sleep said...

Disc I: The Devil's Son
Disc II: Mister M.V.P. on the M.I.C.
Disc III: Big L Corleone
Disc IV: Outtakes

Ross said...

Yo! Are you the owner of the Big L "Lifestylez" promo shirt? Doing a book about hip hop shirts and def want to include it. Thanks!


Audio Ad said...

Anyone have links to the "From Hardpack to Wolfpack" stuff?

Unknown said...

Ayyy big sleep wassup bro where can i get you at!
Best regards, fonetikkfluuze.

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