And I Record: Videography

'92 era Big L from the upcoming documentary Street Struck: The Big L Story:

(Mural on 140th & Lenox Ave)
Put It On
MVP Summer Smooth Remix Extended
(MVP Summer Smooth Remix)
No Endz, No Skinz
Holdin' It Down
Holdin' It Down Extended
The Big Picture Promotional Ad
Brand Nubian's Back Up Off the Wall ft. Loon (Big L Cameo)
Diamond D's What You Heard (Big L Cameo)
Fat Joe's John Blaze ft. NaS, Big Punisher, Jadakiss & Raekwon (Big L Cameo)
Jay-Z Documentary with a Snippet of the Jay-Z & DMX Battle (Big L Cameo)
Lord Finesse's The Awakenings Promotional Mini-Documentary (Big L Cameo)
Lord Finesse's Yo! MTV Raps Interview & Freestyle (Big L Cameo)
Lord Finesse's Actual Facts (Big L Cameo)
Lord Finesse's Game Plan (Big L Cameo)
Masta Ace's Sittin' On Chrome (Big L Cameo)
McGruff's This is How We Do (Big L Cameo)
Showbiz & A.G.'s Fat Pockets (Big L Cameo)
Smoothe Da Hustler's Broken Language (Big L Cameo)
Fat Beats Interview & Freestyle at ’88 Hip Hop ft. D-Flow, Party Arty & A.G.
(The Best of Fat Beats Radio Volume One)
(A.G. Live at The Tramps ft. Lord Finesse)
Live at The Tramps ft. Lord Finesse
Live in Amsterdam ft. A.G. & Roc Raida Day One
Live in Amsterdam ft. A.G. & Roc Raida Size 'em Up
(Live in Amsterdam with DJ Shortcut, Dilated Peoples, Missin’ Linx, A.G. & Roc Raida and Gangstarr)
(The Adventures of Grandmaster Roc Raida Part I)


DJ MIKE NICE said...

sup bro great blog on one of hip hop's illest mc's.

just wanted to offer a little clarification on the Rock N Willis freestyle L is rocking over the original break beats "Hard to Handle" & "Blind Alley" not instrumentals of the Symphony & Aint no Half steppin.

I have these original breaks if you need. I also have a very rare demo BIG L recorded produced by Showbiz in 91/92 "Principal Of The New School"

Big L's demo tape conatined
the following 4 tracks
ROCK N WILLIS audition freestyle
Principal of The New School
Unexpected Flavor
Devil's Son

The Big Sleep said...

Thanks man. It sounds like I need whatever you have to offer. And thanks again, for the info, hit me up. How do I get at you so you can send me these?


i downloaded the From Hardpack to Wolfpack [Rare & Freestyle L]and all of it was instrumentals.i wanted it with big L in it. is it suppose to be instrumentals.anybody know how i can get'93 Don't Front Freestyle non- instrumentals(Produced by Diamond D & Buckwild)get back 2 ,me.One love could u get me all of From Hardpack to Wolfpack [Rare & Freestyle L] with the lyrics non-instrumental.

The Big Sleep said...

Yes they are supposed to be instrumentals. I didn't just happen to gather a huge amount of tracks together and have it work out like that. The instrumentals are much harder to find than the actual tracks.

The Don't Front freestyle is in the Harlem's Finest comp or for the extended version (the one with Gruff spitting and the interview) that's track three on the third disc of the Tommy Gibbs Collection.

As for the rest of the tracks, they are all just as widely available, look around.

Anonymous said...

Ur blog is really ill. I was missing a few instrumentals that u posted. I saw on the tommy gibbs collection there is a freestyle that is missing, its really rare. Somebody blended a biggie acapella into it but the Big L verse is unheard. Here it is

By the way can u re-up the
From Hardpack to Wolfpack [Big Picture L]
Link is dead. Thanks

The Big Sleep said...

Actually that freestyle isn't missing, though it is fairly rare. That's the Flamboyant Freestyle Part III (C-Town Tutorial) ft. Royal Flush (on disc two of the Tommy Gibbs Collection), thanks for trying to help though.

And thanks for letting me know/reminding me about the links. Things kind of got fucked up when ShareOnAll went down recently. I've reupped all those links now (and fixed the From Hardpack to Wolfpack link yesterday).

Anonymous said...

i think u might be missin a joint that had big l first then (i think mcgruff, then mase and camron but there are versions wit cam cut off he was singing (thats the way uh huh uh huh, we like it uh huh uh huh now thats the way etc.) i cant remember the name of the track but i have it somewhere. ill check back if u dont know what i mean.

The Big Sleep said...

Hell Up in Harlem? It's in there.

Induna said...

Wow, talk about some Big L goodness. This site is amazing. Those instrumentals are fantastic. It must have taken you years to amass all this material. Big respect.

The Big Sleep said...

Indeed it did. And there's even more on the way, I'm glad you're enjoying the place.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the material, do you happen to have the full versions of

14. Put It On (Remix) (Produced by The L.G. Experience)
15. Put It On (Remix) (Produced by Large Professor)

Not the instrumentals but the actual tracks?

The Big Sleep said...

Well the L.G. Remix of Put It On can be found on the site under the singles, it’s in the Put It On / Danger Zone 12”. I upped just the track itself for you here if you prefer:

And here’s the Large Pro remix of Put It On:

Thanks for the comment.

Induna said...

Well either I'm going daft or those two tracks are exactly the same. What's the difference?

BTW, did you know about the zshare redirecting link problem?

The Big Sleep said...

The difference is, I think, that one is real and one is mislabeled and I've been tricked/not careful enough in amassing instrumentals. Looks like I'll have to amend the collection, thanks for pointing that out.

The L.G. is the real one and I don't think there actually was a Large Pro remix, now that I look into it further.

And yes I'm well aware of the zShare problems, why, are any of my Sharebee links completely dead/ineffective?

Induna said...

Sorry, the zshare comment was for another blog.

Your right, I don't think there is a Large pro remix of put it on.

Came across something else today. Did you know Big L appears in Smoothe Da Hustler's Broken language video? Check it on youtube.

The Big Sleep said...

Yep, I know all about that. In fact I transcribed an interview with Smoothe earlier this year in which he talked quite a bit about L showin' up for that (Shyheim is there in the shot next to 'em too, barely eighteen).

And no need for YouTube, scroll down to the bottom of my page and you'll find nearly every available L vid and cameo in high(er) quality, including Broken Language of course.

Anonymous said...

This site is a dream come true. R.I.P. Big L

The Big Sleep said...

Thanks man, glad you are enjoying it. Be sure to keep checking back, more rare and exclusive material is still being gathered, slow but sure.

King Elijah said...

someone respond all of big l sites are down

The Big Sleep said...

Yo, what up?

DJ Filthy Rich said...

Whatup Bigsleep....didn't know you had this blog. Really dope. L was always a favorite of mine. Anyhow, just wanted to let you know about this blend I did of Put It On over the unreleased original instrumental of Nas' Represent. Let me know if you want a download link

King Elijah said...

Hey do you have an email

The Big Sleep said...

Got a Gmail account: harlemsfinest139

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